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How to use?

• Simply spray on the cleaner
• Wipe in the cleaner with a micro fiber towel
• Wipe off the cleaner with a micro fiber towel
• Wash and reuse the towel

For stunning results, follow these guidelines:
• Use out of direct sunlight on cool bodywork.
• Use Microfiber towels – these gently lifts and trap dirt loosened by Eco Whisk products and does not cause micro-scratches on the top coat.
• Fold each Microfiber towel in half, twice before use; this gives you 8 clean pads to clean effectively.
• Spray the Microfiber towel with Eco Whisk products to pre-wet, and then spray the area of the vehicle to be cleaned.
• Wipe with the pre-wetted towel to lift away dirt and grime; for stubborn stains, allow Eco Whisk ALL PURPOSE to sit for 2 to 3 minutes before wiping them off.
• For carpets and upholstery: Spray directly onto soiled area; rub gently to remove stains and dirt.